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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Get your practice on

You know what phrase I love?

"Practicing homosexual."

It's the word "practice" that really makes or breaks this phrase. What does it imply? Am I practicing homosexuality with my girlfriend in a naughty way? Or does it just mean that I'm practicing cultural traits - am I reading "The Advocate" too much and wearing a lot of flannel, just like a good lesbian? It could mean so many things.


Anonymous oncognito said...

Practice makes perfect.

9:40 PM

Anonymous Sashi said...

I only have one flannel shirt, and I rarely wear it. *BAD LESBIAN*!

12:35 AM

Blogger the roommate said...

A friend (downstairs jen) told me a story about a teacher she had who was rumored to be gay. on the first day of class he announced to quell wondering/rumors that he was not a practicing homosexual. he was a (professional?) homosexual and didn't need to practice.

9:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey baby, you want to come practice homosexuality with me? :)

8:51 PM

Anonymous Sashi said...

Oh, man...I totally forgot to study for my dyke test tomorrow!!! Crap, can you come over and help me practice?

10:54 PM

Anonymous Melinda Barton said...

I went a while without dating once and my mom told my 75-year-old uncle that I was a non-practicing homosexual. Like it was a religion and I'd lapsed or something.

9:52 PM


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