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Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Holidays, Mr. O'Reilly!

NewsHounds has been following O'Reilly's discussion about the so-called War On Christmas for a few weeks now. (Here's the most recent update about this).

Few people get my blood pressure a-raisin' like O'Reilly does. I see him and I feel the eye twitch come on. Of course, I'm not helping myself by posting about his most recent adventures, but I guess I can't stop myself. It's like picking at a scar. Also, I find that we are on such different planes, I can't help but to stare in bewilderment at every other thing he does. I don't understand! And it intrigues me!

Ah, well. If you'll allow me a quick plug, I think NewsHounds is one of my favorite sites right now. Maybe I'm addicted to righteous indignation, but I really enjoy reading their posts, and they can be quite funny. I highly recommend them!


Blogger Rogue Slayer Law Student said...

I had to skip the Law Day Banquet & Barrister's Ball (aka Law Prom) my first year of law school because O'Reilly was the keynote speaker. I just couldn't imagine being able to:

a) keep my dinner down
b) keep from shouting out responses to his insanity.

Of course this year the guest is Justice Scalia. I just can't freakin' win.

8:02 AM


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