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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brokeback Success

'Brokeback Mountain' is doing really well. According to Yahoo, it's doing fine in the box office and now SAG gave it a number of nods.

This could be the year gay-themed films dominate Hollywood's awards season. The cowboys-in-love drama "Brokeback Mountain," a potential Academy Award front-runner, led nominees Thursday for film prizes from actors and directors unions, including performers Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal and filmmaker Ang Lee.

Of course, there are always shadows.

Gene Shalit, Today film critic, made some remarkably silly comments about the movie, and GLAAD is lashing out at him for those comments. (You can watch Shalit here - scroll down a bit).

Shalit called Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal's character) a "sexual predator" who "tracks Ennis down and coaxes him into sporadic trysts." [link] I'm getting flashbacks to 'Celluloid Closet' - remember how the gay character is a villain, one who tries to corrupt our young hero?

Good As You has a funny little update about it here, in case you're curious.

I'm still hesitant to see the movie right away because of my own emotional ... pyrotechnics. Let's leave it at that. But I know I'll be renting it soon enough. Can't pass up a movie like that, I know, no matter how silly I can be at sad parts.


Blogger Student Nurse said...

I just saw the movie today and it was magnificent. Beautiful cinematography, powerfull acting, definitely an award-quality film.

-Student Nurse

10:23 PM

Blogger TP said...

I saw and adored the movie - and I'm prone to major blubbering, but somehow managed to retain a shred of dignity when the lights lifted and my mascara had washed away.

11:36 AM


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