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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gay family crashers

Gay families plan to attend White House egg roll:

hree months before the annual Easter egg roll at the White House, the usually festive event is already taking on a divisive edge because of plans by gay- and lesbian-led families to turn out en masse in hopes of raising their public profile.

The Family Pride Coalition and other organizers envision the April 17 action as a celebration that will earn good will and showcase their families engaging in the annual tradition.

"It's important for our families to be seen participating in all aspects of American life," said Family Pride executive director Jennifer Chrisler.

Yet some conservatives, alerted to the plans this week, accuse gay activists of trying to "crash" an event for children and turn it into a forum for ideological politicking. Some groups are discussing ways to respond.

"It's improper to use the egg roll for political purposes," said Mark Tooley of the conservative Institute on Religion and Democracy. Tooley wrote a critical article this week in the Weekly Standard magazine about the planned event that has circulated widely on conservative Web sites.

How come when it involves straight parents it's just a cute tradition, but when it involves gay parents it becomes a political challenge?

How can they "crash" if families are invited - don't families with gay parents count as families?

And most importantly, why exactly are people so dumb?

This is a damned if you do, damned if you don't experience. If gay families don't become involved in national events, they're invisible. But if they do become involved, they're "politicizing" nice family events.

Let this be a lesson, gays: stay in the closet. Stay quiet. Don't raise your voice. Don't "politicize." You are unwanted.

You'll forgive me if I'm being over dramatic. It's late and I'm tired.

Still ...I say screw 'em. Get out in the streets and shout it.


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