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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Justice Dept. wants Google records

This is kinda creepy.

Justice Dept. Seeks Google Records In Porn Probe:

The Bush administration, seeking to revive an online pornography law struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, has subpoenaed Google Inc. for details on what its users have been looking for through its popular search engine.

Google has refused to comply with the subpoena, issued last year, for a broad range of material from its databases, including a request for one million random web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period, lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department said in papers filed Wednesday in federal court in San Jose.

Privacy advocates have been increasingly scrutinizing Google's practices as the company expands its offerings to include e-mail, driving directions, photo-sharing, instant messaging and web journals.


Anonymous Johnicholas said...

I think the suspicious thing is that they ask Google for data. They want to do their own analysis on the data (i.e. cook it to support their argument). If they were confident of their results, I'd think they would ask for an expert witness qualified to answer questions like "How much porn turns up in searches that children do?".

4:51 AM

Anonymous thelatinist said...

This is beyond creepy. It is downright scary. I seem to recall Google saying once that if their search data became subject to subpoena in the US they would move their servers off-shore. Wonder if they'll follow through on that promise.

11:24 AM

Anonymous oncognito said...

Bush better not be trying to take away my free samples of porn, damnit! How else am I supposed to find out which sites are worth the trouble of hacking? How else was I supposed to get porn at 16?

And who exactly are they fineing for kids searching for porn? The kids?
I say monitor Yahoo chat rooms instead and fine all those sick bastards who hit on me when I was 15.

12:01 PM


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