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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Robert Marshall, the enemy of all potentially pregnant women

Virginia's government continues to, well, creep me out.

Va. bill would halt lesbian insemination:

A bill in the Virginia state legislature would prevent unmarried women from using assisted reproductive technology, including lesbians who frequently use donor insemination to have children.

Del. Robert Marshall (R-Manassas), who has also sponsored measures to ban same-sex marriage and strictly limit abortions, pre-filed HB 187 on Jan. 2 for the 2006 state legislative session, which begins Jan. 11.

The measure would forbid medical professionals from providing to unmarried women “certain intervening medical technology” that “completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception.” The bill provides a list of medical procedures, including “artificial insemination by donor” and invitro fertilization.

Where do these men - and I'm talking to you, Robert - get off thinking they have any right in the world to create laws that could control my body? And especially in relation to birthing rights. He's against abortion and now he's against the making of babies as well? Oh, right, because babies made potentially by lesbians could be corrupted! Oh, noes! I might turn the babies into gays or worse ... liberals! What an ass.

As my mom says, "They've got nothing better to do with their damn lives."

Right on, Mom. Right on.


Anonymous Melinda Barton said...

What? Are these people nuts! Everyone knows we don't make more lesbians through artificial insemination, we do it by making women watch Wonder Woman. Hey, she came from an island where there were no men, wore dyke boots, and tied people up. And if seeing Linda Carter in that get up doesn't make you a dyke, nothing will. Except maybe Jennifer Beals welding in Flashdance or Nancy McKeon as Jo on The Facts of Life. Geez. We've got a big ol' lesbian shadow government conspiracy going on right under their noses that they don't even notice. But artificial insemination they want to ban. They just don't know that they'd have to get rid of all the turkey basters to stop us!!!

9:46 PM


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