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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blizzard apologizes

Ha! Will you look at this?

A gay-rights uproar in the popular "World of Warcraft" online game has spurred the game's maker to review its treatment of gay players.

The game, which draws more than five million players worldwide, was hit by controversy last month after a player was threatened with expulsion from the virtual Warcraft world when she sought to recruit others into her gay-friendly team.

Blizzard Entertainment, the game's maker, apologized last week to the player, Sara Andrews of Nashville, Tenn. [link]

Well done, Blizzard!

You wanna have some fun and study gender and queer theory in popular culture? Play some Battlenet. Those little boys can be naaasty!


Anonymous Alex said...

and i play world of warcraft, too. that pissed me off big time. don't mind the randomness, just clicking on links i find facebook profiles

12:19 AM


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