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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Marriage is...

So today I was checking LiveJournal. Like I do. And someone had posted to an icon community I watch for the show "One Tree Hill" with an icon that was pure text, defining, dictionary style, marriage as being between a man and a woman.

I was...kind of confused at first. One Tree Hill is, at least in my opinion, very queer friendly. More importantly, the icon had nothing to do wih the show. I just didn't want it on my friends page.

If the post were about the icon, or were in some kind of discussion community, or was from someone I knew I would reply with how much it bothered me. But this doesn't seem the context for that.

The thing is, I can't figure out if what the person did was wrong. I know it upset me, but it wasn't like the icon said that god hates fags. I feel like it was inappropriate to use that icon, but if it were an icon about how marriage is for everyone I know I wouldn't have reacted the same way. Both would hurt and offend people, both are irrelevant to the show, but one I agree with and one I find offensive, ignorant, and ugly in sentiment. I believe in freedom of expression, but well-

I just don't want that hate on my friends page. I don't know the correct course of acton here.


Blogger sappho said...

It is totally irrelevant to the show, so I say get rid of it. It looks as if some religious nut is trying to spread some anti-gay rhetoric, yet subtle. Unless on the show One Tree Hill there's an episode relating to the topic of gay marriage, then this person is obviously trying to spread anti-gay marriage hate.

1:34 PM

Anonymous thelatinist said...

It is also possible that this is the person's default icon. Not everyone adjusts her or his icon to match the community. I don't think her or his post should necessarily be removed unless it's clear that s/he was trying to be offensive.

6:28 PM

Anonymous Sashi said...

Argh, I know exactly how you feel. Of course I definitely support the first amendment, but sometimes I find it very difficult to draw the line between 'matter of opinion' and 'spewing with hate.' It really bothers me, and I suppose it always will. I guess we just have discern between what's put out there with hate and what's well-intentioned.

10:25 PM


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