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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Coulter, classy as ever

I return! Due to some compications, Spring Break was a little longer than we thought it would be. Nevertheless, that's over and on with the news!

Here's a good one.

According to Ann "AHHHHH!!!!!" Coulter, the coverage of the arrest of Claude A. Allen (Bush's former domestic policy adviser) was "revenge of the queers."

Oh, yes. Oh, yes, she went there.

This week at the New York Times, it was revenge of the queers. I'm sorry it took a tough period in Allen's life for the New York Times to feature him under a banner headline on its front page, but all in all, I'm glad to finally know about Claude Allen. I'm proud to have this great fellow sinner in our party.

Read up, my beauties. That woman has lost it.


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