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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, Scalia

Antonin Scalia is a bad, bad man.

A tape of a speech given earlier this month by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has drawn the ire of LGBT civil rights activists who worry the landmark high court ruling on sodomy could be revisited.

Scalia rarely speaks to the media and seldom allows the press into speeches he gives but a recording of a March 8 address at the University of Freiberg in Switzerland was obtained by CNN.

In one portion of the speech to law students at the university Scalia brings up the issue of homosexuality.

"Question comes up: is there a constitutional right to homosexual conduct? Not a hard question for me. It's absolutely clear that nobody ever thought when the Bill of Rights was adopted that it gave a right to homosexual conduct. Homosexual conduct was criminal for 200 years in every state. Easy question."

He also told the students that foreigners waging war against the United States have no rights under the Constitution. [link]

Isn't it scary that this man is on the highest court in the nation?



Anonymous thelatinist said...

I'm really not quite sure why you're so upset by this. Sure, it misstates the constitutional argument by omitting any reference to privacy rights...but Scalia doesn't believe there is a constitutional right to privacy anyway. And he's not wrong: his arguments are completely consistent with his originalist theory of judicial interpretation. While I don't subscribe to that particular theory of constitutional interpretation, I don't think doing so makes one "a bad, bad man."

11:29 AM

Blogger Harper said...

The court has become (debatably) more conservative in the past few months, and a lot of LGBT officials are concerned that it'd be easier for the court to reverse its stand on, say, laws against sodomy.

I understand that Scalia doesn't believe there is a constitutional right to privacy, but that belief (which could lead to the criminalization of homosexuality) makes him a bad man in my eyes.

People say there are no stupid questions or stupid opinions - people just have different opinions. I disagree with this, and I'm not ashamed of doing so. Scalia has a stupid opinion and he is on the most powerful court in the nation. I don't really care if he's being "consistent" with his beliefs - I'm merely concerned that he has his hands in an institution that could make homosexual actions illegal.

5:37 PM

Anonymous thelatinist said...

Suppose he favored gay rights, but did not believe that the constitution guaranteed a right to privacy. Being sworn to uphold the constitution, she he lie and say that the constitution forbade anti-sodomy laws?

8:42 AM

Blogger Harper said...

Latinist, I'm really not interested. The man has done and said countless cruel, hateful, and homophobic things. Plus, I have very little interest in those who try to put laws on sex.

He will remain an asshole in my mind.

4:41 AM

Blogger belledame222 said...

Y'know, just because *he* hasn't gotten any in two hundred years doesn't mean nobody else is thinking about it.

8:54 PM


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