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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ohio strikes again

We all know that I like to post news from my home state.

Well, look what some in Ohio are trying to do now.

A public library is no place for gay newspapers a member of the Upper Arlington library board says. Board member Bryce Kurfees wants Outlook Weekly, an Ohio LGBT paper removed.

The paper, and a second LGBT publication - Gay People's Chronicle - were the subject of a similar dispute last summer.

Both papers had been available, along with other newspapers, in the entranceway of the library. After a noisy protest by a conservative community group the gay papers were moved to a tall bookcase near the front desk in a compromise effort aimed at keeping them in the library but out of the hands of children.

Now Kurfees wants Outlook out altogether.

"You’ve got these erotic, pornographic articles and you’ve got an elementary school 100 yards away. It’s not a good combination," Kurfees told the Columbus Dispatch. [link]

What do they hope to accomplish? By hiding the gay news, they're not going to get rid of us. What a ridiculous plan.


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