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Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter time

Ah, nothing like the spring celebration of the messiah's resurrection to fire up the Pope's ol'heart.

In marking the Stations of the Cross during Good Friday observances in Rome Pope Benedict XVI called for the "filth" the surrounds society to be cleansed and said the world is in the grip of "a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family".

"Lord, we have lost our sense of sin," he said. "Today a slick campaign of propaganda is spreading an inane apologia of evil, a senseless cult of Satan, a mindless desire for transgression, a dishonest and frivolous freedom, exalting impulsiveness, immorality and selfishness as if they were new heights of sophistication.”

Although the Pontiff did not specifically name same-sex relationships the message was clear, less than a week after Italian voters elected a leftist government committed to recognizing gay and lesbian couples. [link]

It warms the cockles of the heart, huh?


Blogger Winter said...

Hmmm I think he and I would differ in our definitions of "filth."

10:44 AM

Anonymous piecesofeight said...

Oh my. Should we be surprised that he mentions 'propaganda'? I mean that's not what he's doing, no, not at all. After all, his views come straight from god, right? Right? It's just scary that some people actually, like, listen to him.

8:13 PM


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