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Saturday, April 08, 2006

This makes me feckin sick.

I guess it doesn't matter who you are. If you're gay, no one gives a flying purple monkey turd about you or your head trauma.


[which for those of you who don't care that I'm a busy student and insist upon me linking not only to the post but the original source which the post I'm linking to links to found on TheDailyHerald.Com, specifically here.]

Apparrently Richard Jefferson, the senior producer of the NBC Nightly News, was beaten with a wrench.

Senior NBC Nightly News producer Richard Jefferson, who was vacationing in St. Maarten, was one of two men rushed to St. Maarten Medical Center around 3:30am Thursday after they suffered a severe beating by a group of men who the victims say were “gay bashers.”

While Jefferson was able to walk, he sustained severe cuts on the back of his head and his lower back.

The second victim Ryan Smith had a fractured skull and has been unable to speak properly since the incident.

The men, who were reportedly beaten with a wheel wrench, expressed concern that the police here did not seem to be too concerned about crimes of this nature. They said the police’s failure to even contact them following the attack made it seem as though they sanctioned the “brutal beating.”
(emphasis John's) ....

Jefferson said he had learnt that many people, including management at Sunset Beach Bar, Maho St. Maarten, a nearby casino and Bamboo Bernie’s, had called the St. Maarten Police, but no one showed up. He said he had called the police station on Thursday around 1:00pm and had spoken to a detective, but no one showed up at the hospital or called.

John (the AMERICABlog guy) had this to say:

I know Dick Jefferson. I'd met him several times at journalist conferences. From what I recall, he's not just a senior producer, he's THE senior producer of NBC Nightly News. This is really horrendous. More.

His street cred is good enough for me.

So Ryan Smith is having trouble talking (read: brain damage) and the police are a non entity? I bet if one of the strippers at Duke would have defended herself with a pipe wrench and one of those frat boy losers was having more trouble than usual talking the police would have showed up guns blazing.


Anonymous thelatinist said...

When I hear stories like this, I wonder about the people who report such crimes. How do the authorities know the victims are gay if they don't tell them?

11:53 AM


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