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Friday, May 19, 2006

It's a jolly holiday for responsible journalism

So for the time being, I'm taking down the previous entry concerning the Washington Post article about pre-pregnancy. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am not so far out of college that I should forget my scholarly roots -- it's shoddy academic work to put out information without checking primary sources, and that's exactly what I did. I never did read the CDC report -- I just read everyone's commentary about it. That ain't kosher, and I should've realized that before I put up my screed.

Which brings me to my second reason: Being the sweet and innocent child that I am, I forget that I'm not just writing for myself and a couple of feminist friends when I rant up here. I am, for better or for worse, a contributing member of the blogosphere -- and that means that I'm a member of the new journalism media in this country. I'm certainly not an Important member of it (I'll leave that to the people who, uh, know stuff), but all there needs to be is one person who reads what I write, listens to what I say, and believes what I lay before them to make this not just a place where I can post my opinions, but a legitimate editorial source in a nation that is rapidly losing its faith in the established media venues. That's dangerous, and it's not to be taken lightly. If I don't do my job when I post something here -- check all the sides, read my sources, not take anything for granted -- then I'm no better than an old news hack churning out retyped press releases and being the butt of Stephen Colbert's jokes.

All that being said: I'm gonna go read that report. And maybe I'll repost what I wrote previously, or maybe I'll come up with something completely different -- or maybe I won't say a thing, because there's enough hot air in the world that another balloon-full of it won't make it any better.

But I'm going to remember this. And call this the start of an era for me: I'm taking this goddamn gig seriously.


Blogger Howard County Green Party Webmistress said...

I applaud your decision. Here's a link to the report.

I'm currently in the research stage for my own article on it, and I'm looking for any first person anecdotal accounts of how it has affected people. I had a couple, and lost the links to them. Please send me a 'ping' if you come across any.

Thank you.

10:13 AM


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