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Monday, May 22, 2006

Mary Cheney babble

My mom called me a few nights ago to tell me Mary Cheney was on Letterman. I was asleep at the time, so I didn't get to watch, but that's why Crooks and Liars exists.

The next day, Mom told me why she had called. I proceeded to grunt angrily for several moments. Mary Cheney really infuriates me.

This has been posted about on countless blogs (many of which I've missed now that I'm busy with summer classes). AmericaBlog mentions that specific incident here, and if you "control find" the name "Mary Cheney" in Pam's House Blend for the month of May, you get several results).

My favorite quote can be found right on Crooks and Liar's main post:

David: Most Americans are engaged and are trying to get the attention of the administration who can actually do something about it. Who seemingly perhaps are not engaged. Is that a fair assessment or am I being nuts here?

Mary: I think you might be being nuts...

What world is she living in?


Blogger sappho said...

Mary Cheney is a turncoat! She totally disgusts me. She kept her mouth shut while daddy ran for office, then she gets a million dollar book deal & decides she'll open her wretched mouth? No....too little, too late!

11:35 PM


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