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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gay Animal Update

Perhaps you remember my post with the Gay Animal Link. I kinda left it as it was and didn't comment on it aside from the fact that it was an interview with someone with an alternative viewpoint of queerness and evolution. Some of what she says has merit and some of it doesn't but, well I'm not an evolutionary biologist. But PZ Myers of Pharyngula is. While I do think that he's a pompous (he gets attack-y with people who don't share his viewpoint, though I guess that's the scientist in him popping out --- we like to be right. Shut up.) ass of a white man (science is owned by the patriarchy --- check out the web pages of any competitive science department and you'll definately see mostly old white guys.) he takes this interview apart pretty well and I agree with him almost 100%. He is, however, a liberal and is queer friendly, which is nice. And he's a rational human being, which is also nice.

At any rate, now that I'm done rambling, here's a link to the post he made about the Gay Animals. I wanted to make highlights for all of you lazies, but I like the whole thing. So at least go and scan it.


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