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Monday, June 12, 2006

Listen to the muzak and fight global warming!

For all of you Weather Channel-tapers and eco-conscious human beings out there, there's some excellent news:

The Weather Channel has joined the Virtual March against global warming. According to Huffington Post's Laurie David

The Weather Channel is the first cable television network to take a formal position on global warming -- to say not only that it's real, but also that it's a result of human activities. Its important decision to join the mainstream scientific community in acknowledging the threat from global warming should serve as a wake-up call to those meteorologists who have yet to connect the dots between increasing episodes of extreme weather and global warming. (Link)

You best believe it. They even have a full time expert, a Dr. Heidi Cullen. Maybe this is the beginning of the end to the pseudo-intellectual hackery that devotes itself to going "lalalalalalaIcan'thearyou" whenever anyone mentions global warming. Also, perhaps a clue that, hmmm, science is a little important?


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