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Monday, June 12, 2006

Seed Magazine Rocks

I love Seed Magazine. They're a fairly new showing to the Science News crowd with a lot of good ideas. For one, they're made science a lot more accessible to you non-science types. It's not like reading, say Scientific American, which is also a fairly informal publication but significantly heavier. The downside to Seed is that it can seem a little trashy sometimes --- not as trashy as Discover can be (not to insult any of you who like Discover, I liked it fine until I wanted to read some heavier stuff.). The difference is, Seed isn't trying to be as serious as Discover is, so it has more of a lighthearted, fun, gossip rag kind of trashiness. It's really more focussed on science culture than science itself, though there are some excellent actual science articles in each issue too. Also, its physically larger (each page is bigger than 8.5 x 11) so bigger pretty pictures!

Aaaaaaand --- because everyone loves the gay penguins --- here is a Seed article about gay animals! (I have yet to poke around enough to find out how far into the archives is free for online access, but so far it's all been free for me. This is something they do significantly better than Sciam, but I have Sciam Digital so I don't care. Mmmm coffee ramblings)

The Gay Animal Kingdom

Articles like these are why Seed is great. It's a theory way off the beaten track, but that's how science progresses. You give the seeming crackpots a voice and sometimes great things happen. But not if they're just wrong. Then those people (anti-global warming, Intelligent Design) are just wrong. I'm not squelching debate here either. When a theory has no evidence to support it beyond denial or flaws in another theory, it's not a theory. This gay animal thing is based on actual observation, so don't go flying down my throat.


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