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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Acting gay on planes

Hello. I'm here to raise your blood pressure and make you feel helpless in the face of an intolerant, stupid world.

AIR KISS, by Lauren Collins.

It's the story of two gay men who were verbally attacked and eventually threatened for being a little too close on a plane.

The purser asked the men to describe what they’d been doing, and she acknowledged that their behavior had not been inappropriate. Tsikhiseli then asked if the stewardess would have made the request if the kissers had been a man and a woman. Suddenly, Leisner said, the purser “became very rigid.” Contradicting what she’d told them before, she stiffly said, “Kissing is inappropriate behavior on an airplane.” She then said that she was busy with the meal service and promised to come back.

and later

Maybe an hour later, the purser approached Tsikhiseli and said that the captain wanted to talk to him. Tsikhiseli went up to the galley and gave the captain his business card. The captain told Tsikhiseli that if they didn’t stop arguing with the crew he would indeed divert the plane. “I want you to go back to your seat and behave the rest of the flight, and we’ll see you in New York,” he said. Tsikhiseli returned to coach.

All this from some simple snuggling.

The article is pretty short. I recommend taking the time to read it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami, FL
2 men ride a sport bike. 2 40-something men. 1 ex-Navy Seal. Admittedly, they were speeding a little. Local law enforcement pulls nice, respectful (except for speeding), community-building men over. Officers grab men by necks of their shirts, pull off bikes, cuff, and throw into squad car (causing bruises). Officers fine men almost $500, Officers DO NOT press charges and release men and motorcycle after payment. Gay bashing, extortion? Oh, yes. 2006.

2nd incident. 20 year-old college student moves to Miami. Lives with male roommate. Walks up to his door, grabbed, beat, while attackers shout gay-hate epithets. 20 year-old moves back home, cuts college plans in the middle. Again, 2006.

10:13 AM

Blogger Sapphique said...

Okay, my blood pressure is duly elevated. Shit,, shit and more shit!!!

10:56 PM

Blogger Jason Hughes said...

It's homophobia, pure and simple...

Not that I'm a straight-hater, but GOD can they piss me off sometimes!!!!

Does anyone know if there's a lawsuit or soemthing going on about this? Perhaps a punishing by the company to the captaina nd stewardess?

10:49 PM

Blogger FCSuper said...

Anon, just to be clear, cops harass anyone on motorbikes, not just gays.

8:07 PM


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