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Friday, September 22, 2006

It's important to remember

This isn't what I'd call a news post. But I read this the other day, and it... resonates.

From Torey Hayden's Murphy's Boy, a semi-fictionalized autobiography (as the majority of her books are), written in 1983 -- Torey's coworker was fired for being gay.

I saw Jeff on only one other occasion, and that time was by accident. After work on Friday I stopped into a local watering hole with some friends. It was one of those convivial places peole gather but was not frequented much by my colleagues from the clinic, which was what I wanted. Apparently Jeff had as well, because as I sat there drinking beer and eating peanuts, I saw Jeff across the room. I rose and went over.

He was at a table with other people whom I did not know but, when he saw me, he got up and met me partway across the room. We went up to the bar and he bought me another beer. Together we stood, side by side, and we said nothing.

"You know, it's a funny place, this world," he said at last. "If I were a Nazi, someone would defend my constitutional right to hate Jews. If I were a Klansman, someone would defend my rights to hate blacks. It's a funny place, this world. Hate has rights. Love has none."

And that was it. He left.


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