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Friday, September 01, 2006

Keith Olbermann on Rumsfeld

First, let me say that I like Keith Olbermann. However, I sometimes doubt his method of creating discussion. I'm all for romp and satire and outlandish statements that make people think, but sometimes it's necessary to attack those you disagree with from a higher plain - to take the high road and not sink to their level by calling names. Olbermann will occasionally call names, so as much as I like him, sometimes I question how he argues.

But I'm not doing that right now. From OneGoodMove, here is a clip of Olbermann's reactions to Rumsfeld's recent comparison of those who dissent against the war in Iraq to Nazi sympathizers. This is a beautifully spoken/written commentary. Olbermann is thoughtful, elegant, and right on. Please watch.

Edit: And Olbermann follows up here.


Blogger Jason Hughes said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the clips! Thanks for sharing them!

I have to say I agree with your thoughts on Olbermann--he can stoop to their level at times--but it doesn't make him any less right IMHO.


6:51 PM


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