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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gay Jews

The committee on Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative movement of Judaism, the highest legal body, ruled to allow commitment ceremonies for gays and ordination of gay rabbis. General acceptance/removal all bans is basically still under debate. There was a motion to remove all bans, and it was defeated [for now, I hope]
This is is still good news. Here is my cheap and lacking explanation of Judaism's groups: There are 3 main branches of Judaism, Reform, traditionally the most open, least strict to laws one, Orthodox, the most, and Conservative, in between. If I belong to a branch, I am conservative. So say I want to marry a woman-I can't. But I can get my conservative rabbi to perform a commitment ceremony (of course, individual rabbis can choose not to) and I can after that happens go become a rabbi. The latter part is better than the former, but it is acceptance and a recognition of rights. And the more open gays go become rabbis, the more that will help. So, I see this as good news. Feel free to disagree.